Dr. Lori Martyn

8865 Yonge Street  
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4C 6Z1

Dr. Owen Reid

6051 Gilbert Road   Suite 201
Richmond,British Columbia   V7C 3V3

Dr. Phoebus Wong

3779 Sexsmith Rd.   Unit 2168
Richmond,British Columbia   V6X 3Z9

Dr. Shaoli Wang

130 - 8780 Blundell Road  
Richmond,British Columbia   V6Y 3Y8

Dr. Mani Raman

312 Highway 7 East  
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4B 1A5

Dr. Reza Akef

86 Windermere Cres.  
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4C 6Y9

Dr. Ali Adibfar

13291 Yonge St.   Suite 401
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4E 4L6

Dr. Henri Ngai Reviva

150B-8220 Lansdowne Rd.   Suite 150
Richmond,British Columbia   V6X 1B9

Dr. Hamid Bimesl

207 - 1650 Elgin Mills Road East  
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4S 0B2

Dr. Larry Fremont

A101 - 11685 Yonge St.  
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4E 0K7

Dr. Peter Bray

13291 Yonge St.   Suite 401
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4E 4L6

Dr. Muriel Roach

10376 Yonge St., 2nd Fl. Suite 204-205  
Richmond Hill,Ontario   L4C 3B8

Dr. Manoj Singhal

3100-11666 Steveston Highway  
Richmond,British Columbia   V7A 1N6

Dr. Christine Gemeinhardt

135-11331 Coppersmith Way  
Richmond,British Columbia   V7A 5J9


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